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Free Auditory Processing Activities

11 Auditory Processing Activities You Can Do Without Spending a Dime!

December 4th, 2017 2020-04-23T11:49:05-07:00 2017-12-04T11:10:21-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Auditory processing is a critical component to reading success. We work on a variety of auditory processing areas every time we do activities from the Reading Pack: Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills, Making Spelling Sense, Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, and The Comprehension Zone. For example, The Comprehension Zone is a game where we play for both auditory memory, auditory comprehension, and reading comprehension.  Making Spelling Sense is where we work on auditory discrimination, auditory closure, and auditory memory.

family activities

6 Fun Family Activities Prevent the Summer Slide!

July 19th, 2017 2018-12-12T16:04:18-08:00 2017-07-19T15:17:48-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

It’s not too late to prevent the summer slide with fun family activities. The activities are geared for elementary, middle, and high school kids. Listen to the audio. Activities include weekly trips, nature adventures, and home activities.

Back to School – Need Dyslexia, ADHD, Learning Challenged, Special Needs Help?

August 7th, 2015 2016-09-21T02:14:52-07:00 2015-08-07T20:00:37-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Back to school videos to improve spelling, reading comprehension, and reading fluency. Short activities really make the difference. Learn special techniques that help those with dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism learn with greater ease. 4 video lessons.

3 Alternative ADHD Strategies

January 13th, 2015 2015-01-23T23:20:18-08:00 2015-01-13T02:51:14-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET shares 3 ADHD strategies for kids or adults that really make a difference. View the video here.

Learning Disabilities, Visual and Auditory Processing, & ADHD Problems

July 10th, 2009 2015-02-04T23:18:49-08:00 2009-07-10T16:13:50-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

My daughter has learning disabilities (visual and auditory processing problems, ADHD, reading and math learning disabilities, sensory integration problems, etc.).  She will be going into the 9th grade this fall.  She has been in public school up through 7th grade and was in special ed programs there.  I pulled her out to homeschool her last […]

What is FAPE?

May 6th, 2009 2016-02-25T00:46:00-08:00 2009-05-06T18:46:49-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Lyn B. wrote in…What is FAPE? FAPE stands for Free and Appropriate Public Education. It is what every child is entitled to under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  This is how students qualify for Section 504 Plans and  for IEP plans due to learning disabilities, dyslexia, CAPD, ADHD, or other special education […]

Why Should I Do an Informal (LD Dyslexia) Assessment of My Child?

April 8th, 2009 2016-02-25T00:45:59-08:00 2009-04-08T17:59:18-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

One of the critical questions I often get is why should I do an informal assessment of my child? Can’t the school do an assessment and tell me why my child is having trouble learning? Yes, the school can test your child, but the tests used by the schools don’t always give you the whole […]

How To Improve Reading Skills With a Non-verbal Autistic Student

March 17th, 2009 2015-02-04T23:58:09-08:00 2009-03-17T15:01:37-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

This question just came in from Penny Ray: Hi Bonnie! I have a question about “Five Minutes to Better Reading”. Have you used that program with a non-speaking student? What do you recommend for non-speaking (non-verbal autistic) kids in terms of boosting reading skills? Am looking for anything that would help. Thanks, Penny Ray Hi […]

3 Simple Steps Done Regularly = Success in Reading

January 29th, 2009 2015-01-24T01:21:42-08:00 2009-01-29T20:23:01-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

I was in a business class yesterday and this quote was discussed regarding business. The conduct of successful business merely consists in doing things in a very simple way, doing them regularly, and never neglecting to do them. Quoted by: William Lever of Lever Brothers Think about this. Isn’t this also true of reading, whether […]

10 Steps to Easier Learning Even If You Have LD or Dyslexia

January 28th, 2009 2015-01-24T00:58:25-08:00 2009-01-28T18:14:16-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Here are 10 easy steps or suggestions for you to make learning easier for your student. These suggestions work whether you have learning problems such as LD, dyslexia, ADD, autism, or gifted. These ideas will help every student because they are based on sound principles of brain-based learning. Teach with associations e.g. Instead of underlining nouns […]

My son was just diagnosed with CAPD. How can I help him?

January 7th, 2009 2016-02-25T00:49:34-08:00 2009-01-07T18:57:18-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Bonnie, My 8 yr old son was just diagnosed with CAPD.  I would like to know if the Reading Pack is appropriate for him?  Or if there are other more appropriate materials better suited to his specific disability. Thank you. Maricela A Hi Maricela, When your son or daughter is diagnosed with CAPD, ADD, ADHD, […]

Can You Improve Reading Speed & Fluency in 5 Minutes a Day?

December 18th, 2008 2008-12-18T15:43:19-08:00 2008-12-18T15:43:19-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Miriam writes: This child knows how to read. The problem is bringing him up to speed. He reads 23 words per minute and according to the teacher he should be at 43 words per minute! What do I do to help? Hi Miriam, Schools, teachers, parents, even homeschooling parents are becoming more concerned about reading fluency and […]

Trouble Understanding What You Read? Part One

December 9th, 2008 2015-02-04T23:45:03-08:00 2008-12-09T16:11:26-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

But what about an answer if the reading problem is #3 (lack of language or vocabulary)? Writes J. K. Remember, there are 3 roadblocks to reading success. The third problem, lack of vocabulary or language can be addressed in a variety of ways. First, a recap on the 3 roadblocks: 3 Most Common Reading Roadblocks (whether your […]

Reading Slow and Hindered, What Do I Do?

December 6th, 2008 2016-02-25T01:09:40-08:00 2008-12-06T15:09:19-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

I recently received this question: Even after doing a complete course in phonics, a child’s reading is yet very slow and hindered what would be the best strategy? Looking forward to your reply and guidance. Regards R. Typically when one reads slowly it is due to one of the 3 Most Common Reading Roadblocks (whether […]

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