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6 Fun Family Activities Prevent the Summer Slide!

July 19th, 2017

Summertime is the perfect time for fun family activities that improve learning skills.

Bonnie Terry Teleseminar Recording: Summer Activities to Improve Learning Skills

Bonnie did this teleseminar a few years ago. She shared a number of fun family activities and thought you would like to listen in.

There are two parts to the teleseminar. Part one lays the foundation of learning. Part two gives you actionable steps. Bonnie talks about the underlying root cause of learning problems in Part One. She gives you strategies and activities that you can do to improve learning skills during the summer in Part Two.

The Foundation to Improve Learning Skills (Part One)


  • 3 Speed to Learning Principles
  • What the Cone of Learning is and what needs to be implemented
  • More about Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, and Tactile/Kinesthetic Processing

5 Steps to Easier Learning and 6 Activities to Improve Learning Skills (Part Two)


  • 5 steps to making learning easy
  • What ASK is and why it is important
  • 6 specific activities to improve reading, writing, and memory skills

  Fun Family Activities: Weekly Trips

  • A local museum
  • A pet store
  • A state park

Once you get home from your weekly trip, talk about it. Write down what your favorite thing was. You can use the graphic organizers in Ten Minutes to Better Writing and Study Skills to make this really easy. Add pictures and/or drawings. Then compile this into a family scrapbook.

At Home Activities

  • Bake cookies as a family
  • Have a family movie night
  • Read books individually and then have a book review night

Bonus: FREE Family Activity Book

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Family visits Indian Grinding Rock State Park

Bonnie Terry

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is internationally recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist. She is an award winning author and learning disability specialist and board certified educational therapist.

Bonnie is the best-selling author of: Family Strategies for ADHD Kids, School Strategies for ADHD Kids, Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills, Ten Minutes to Better Writing and Study Skills, and The Sentence Zone Game.

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