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Summer has hit…Steps to take to Improve Learning Skills Over the Summer

June 21st, 2011

Summer has hit…Steps to take to

Improve Learning Skills Over the Summer

Here is a practical ‘down and dirty’ Action plan to Improve Learning Skills

reading fluency in 5 minutes, improving spelling in 15 minutes

  • Day Two: fluency in 5 minutes, reading a selection 5 minutes, note taking in 10 minutes.
  • Rotate activities every other day.
  • 6.  Play learning games to improve learning skills … have a game day or game night each week and play learning games

    See the improve learning skills games in action.

    Improve Learning Skills: Summer organizational tips…

    1. Store the best samples of your child’s work. I keep one box per child.

    2. Then, just start throwing other things away.

    3. Store what you want to save for use another year, and then make a pile of items that you can give away or sell.

    4. Getting rid of all of the “stuff” just sitting around will help to eliminate visual clutter and may reveal some learning items that you had totally forgotten!

    5. You CAN do it. Don’t keep putting it off. Even if you can’t get it all done in one day, you can still make some progress. It’s going to be worth it! And, you’ll have greater focus so you can improve learning skills in 20 minutes a day.

    One Response to “Summer has hit…Steps to take to Improve Learning Skills Over the Summer”

    1. Malcolm Gladwell pointed out so brilliantly in his book that children whose parents did not have time to continue doing reading, math, and other skills with their children during summer vacation – well, when they went back to school they were behind the other kids. The cumulative effect of this pattern over years of school years puts those kids at an educational deficit. It also creates the false perception that they are not as smart as the other kids!

      A diligent summer reading program is necessary to implement before the lazy days of summer slip away!

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