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Best Solutions to Build Reading Comprehension Skills

September 12th, 2012

Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills.

Whether you are homeschooling or not, you have the opportunity to make your child’s writing assignments easy for them. They don’t need to sweat and struggle through another writing assignment. You don’t have to sweat and struggle through your child’s writing assignments any longer either!

Solution 2 Build Vocabulary to Building Reading Comprehension Skills

The second solution to building reading comprehensions skills is again related to building language and vocabulary skills. This activity though is to play games that include both basic vocabulary words and advanced vocabulary words. When you play a game that includes advanced vocabulary and a definition sheet to make it easy to know what those advanced words are, life becomes easier and your vocabulary improves. This is because game playing is a more relaxed activity and when you are in a relaxed state you retain more information. One of my favorite games to play that builds vocabulary also teaches grammar and sentence structure at the same time is The Sentence Zone and it’s fun. So it is a win-win all the way around.

Improve reading comprehension skills today through note-taking & writing with graphic organizers and game playing today!

2 Responses to “Best Solutions to Build Reading Comprehension Skills”

  1. Dani Rren says:

    Building reading skills in a child is primarily a parent’s basic responsibility in building a learning culture for them. I often make time to read to my Jenny and encourage her to mouth out any letters that she can. At 3 years I must say she is doing great!

    Dani Rren

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