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Improve Writing Skills with English Grammar Game: The Sentence Zone

March 14th, 2011

Improve Writing Skills and English Grammar by Improving Sentence Writing

For this activity, your children will understand how to improve their sentences, and they actually have fun doing it.

The activity is one of expanded sentences. Bonnie walks you step-by-step how to start with a basic sentence and then expand it, one word at a time to make it more interesting. Once your children see exactly how to do this and actually do it themselves with the color-coded cards of the Sentence Zone Game, they will have improved writing skills and improved English grammar skills too.

Use of Color Improves Writing Skills and Sentence Writing

Writing skills improve dramatically with this expanded sentence activity as well as just playing The Sentence Zone due to the color-coded cards. When you use color-coding in learning content, your retention rates go up to 25%. Use of color directly impacts learning.

Sentence Building - Learning English Grammar Game

Improve Writing Skills: Sentence Writing Becomes Interesting and You Improve English Grammar at the Same Time

So, how do you learn how to write good interesting sentences that are different types? An easy way to learn about the different types of sentences we have in the English language is to play the game The Sentence Zone. While playing the game you actually learn the 6 basic sentence types we have as well as how to punctuate them.

Be sure to watch the family playing The Sentence Zone to see how you can use it in other ways to improve writing skills.

One of the really neat things about it is the different ways it can be played. For instance, 1st graders can play it to learn how to write a sentence. Middle school students can play it to start learning more complex sentence writing and grammar such as the difference between a direct object and a predicate nominative. High school students can play it to prepare for the grammar portion of the SAT test. (It includes advanced vocabulary for older students.)

The Sentence Zone is a grammar game that can be played at multiple levels as your children grow, so it never just sits ‘on the shelf’.

You can also use the game at older levels to prepare for taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. English grammar skills improve dramatically – including SAT test scores.

So, improve your sentence writing skills today by playing The Sentence Zone and you’ll improve writing skills as well as English grammar at the same time!

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