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SAT Prep with Grammar Game The Sentence Zone

January 30th, 2010

Many of you already know that I created The Sentence Zone a number of years ago to help my students with sentence writing as well as grammar. I play it with my younger students to help them write interesting sentences instead of the 3 to 4-word sentences they usually write. I play it with my middle school students to help them out with their English grammar lessons. So my focus has always been on sentence writing, language building, and grammar.

I have always told everyone that it was used at multiple ages, but I didn’t think of using the game for SAT prep until Patricia Lara stopped by my office a few weeks ago. She was telling me how useful the game was in her work with SAT prep with her juniors and seniors in high school.

In addition to helping them with the grammar portion of the exam, she told me how it really ‘broke up’ the prep sessions. Her students were able to get a break from the intensity of preparing for the exam but still learn at the same time. So, I asked her to show me how she was using the game. I think you’ll enjoy this additional use. Watch and see for yourself how easy it is to learn with The Sentence Zone. It is a great test prep tool for tutors, families, homeschoolers, and teachers.

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Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

4 Responses to “SAT Prep with Grammar Game The Sentence Zone”

  1. This looks great. Is this something that could be adapted for younger kids in elementary school? It’s a great system and looks like it works nicely. I would love to be able to adapt for other age groups.

    • bonnieterry says:

      This game can be played as early as 1st grade and grows with your kids. Little ones find they need a blue card (noun), a red card (verb), a capital letter (gray card), and punctuation (buff card) and they have a sentence and get points for everything they have used. In the middle grades you start adding things like direct objects or predicate nominatives into the mix. Older students get into playing with dependent and independent clauses as well as playing for SAT Prep. The game can also be used for poetry through the colors.

      Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

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