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Complimentary Webinar — Improve Writing Skills in Just Minutes a Day (for students of all ages)

January 30th, 2016 is hosting a complimentary webinar to help every student improve their writing skills. Did you know that 73% of eighth and 12th graders are NOT proficient in writing?

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is sharing five techniques to improve writing skills in just minutes a day in this complimentary webinar on Feb 9th at 5pm pacific time.

When: February 9, 2016 at 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, 8 pm EST

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How to Learn Writing Skills Webinar

Bonus e-book when you register for the webinar.

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Are your children struggling with writing assignments? If they are, they are not alone.

73% of eighth graders and 12th graders in the U.S. are NOT proficient in writing. Shocking but true!

  • Can your children write three of the four types of simple sentences? (They should be doing this by 3rd grade.)
  • Can they write a five sentence paragraph? (They should be doing this by 3rd grade.)
  • Can they write a descriptive, narrative, or compare/contrast paragraph? (4th – 12th graders should be doing this.)
  • Can they write a descriptive, narrative, compare/contrast, argument/persuasive essay? (7th – 12th graders should be doing this.)

The “Improve Writing Skills” Webinar includes a complimentary eBook for those who Register

If writing is hard for you, all is not lost! There are specific things you can do to  improve your writing skills.

Tune into the Improve Your Writing Skills with the Magic of 5 Webinar Tuesday Feb. 9th at 5pm Pacific time.

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To do well in school these skills are critical. To do well in life, these skills are critical. Writing is the DOING Part of Thinking. You can’t write without thinking. So in order to be good at thinking, you really need to become good at writing.

Writing doesn’t have to be so hard!

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