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Free Kindle Book: School Strategies for ADHD Kids

February 28th, 2013

FREE Kindle Book on March 7th , 8th, or 9th 2013!

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET here, and I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been working on a new book, School Strategies for ADHD Kids.  Most of you know that I work with parents and teachers – helping them make learning easier for their kids, especially those that have attention deficit disorder whether it is with or without hyperactivity or other learning problems. This past year the questions regarding how to work effectively with their ADD kids in the classroom kept coming up. Teachers are frustrated. Parents are frustrated. This book is the outcome of that frustration.

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Give Your ADHD Kids Classroom Jobs

What do you help your ADD kids have a ‘stake’ in the classroom, a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves? When ADD kids or any kids in a classroom have a classroom job they not only feel better about themselves but they show more pride in their work. So what kinds of jobs can you have the ADD student do? As teachers we typically think of someone being the dedicated pencil sharpener or the paper passer-outer or collector of homework. But there are at least thirteen other jobs – responsibilities ADD kids can have.

The book is filled with practical easy to implement classroom & teaching strategies. It is for teachers, youth group leaders, parents,  and homeschoolers  that are looking for practical ways to help their ADD kids do well in school. It is filled with techniques that have been used successfully in all grade levels.

School Strategies for ADHD Kids helps parents to know what can be done successfully in a classroom to make learning easier for their attention deficit disorder kids. It’s for teachers to help them have tested strategies that really work regarding managing the classroom and teaching their kids that have attention problems.

This book is different from my other books. Those books are the methods for improving reading (Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills), spelling (Making Spelling Sense), writing  & study skills (Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills & The Writer’s Easy Reference Guide), and math (BT Easy Math Reference Guide). They are all curriculum based.

This book, School Strategies for ADHD Kids, relates to how to manage your day so that learning is more effective in your classroom when you have kids that have attention deficits – whether they are inattentive or hyperactive.

Distracted ADHD Kids?

For example, we often see kids that are distracted. We know they aren’t paying attention. We work hard at getting them to pay attention. We don’t usually get at the root cause of their distractions. their distractions can be something as simple as a clothing tag bothering them and they become irritable because of it. I know that specific scenario has happened to me. A clothing tag at the neck can drive me to distraction. The book lists 9 common distractions…I’m sure there are even more. And it lists 6 solutions to distractibility problems.

There are specific strategies you can implement to make learning easy for your attention deficit disorder kids, whether you are in a classroom, homeschooling, or it is homework time at home. You can implement these strategies tomorrow and they really work!

Who is School strategies for ADHD Kids For?

When I wrote this book I intended it for teachers, parents, and professionals of ADD kids.  I didn’t realize youth group leaders would get something out of it too. I am so glad that is the case! One of my purposes in writing this was to not only give teachers strategies that work, but to also let parents know what kinds of things can work in the classroom. We so often get suckered into responding in the moment we don’t or can’t think about stepping back and think about what can be changed to set up a better situation and environment so the ADD kids can thrive. This book is my attempt at closing that gap…to give parents a guide to strategizing with their child’s teacher to get the best out of the classroom learning experience. This book will also help guide teachers and professionals in more successful ways of handling their ADD students.

School Strategies for ADHD Kids Reviews

“Using Bonnie Terry’s ADHD techniques and strategies with all kids, even those with learning difficulties, can go a great way towards reducing lack of self-esteem. These strategies are educationally effective.” – Dr. Nancy Richards, Specialization in Methods of Teaching and Learning

Finally a book about ADHD that is worth reading.. I now have the strategies I need..thanks!

My son has struggled with ADD for years and I have been so frustrated in trying to find strategies to talk to his teacher about so he can get the help he needs in the classroom. His hyperactivity has disrupted his learning and his grades are not what I know they should be. After reading Bonnie Terry’s book School Strategies for ADHD Kids, which is so informative and loaded with professional advice, I now have strategies to use in talking with his teacher and to use at home. Bonnie’s book is a real bargain that I recommend for all parents of an ADD child and teachers dealing with ADHD students.”- Linda Schlegel, parent

You will learn specific strategies that work with ADD Kids

  1. Secrets to Decreasing Distractibility in the Classroom
  2. How to Get your ADD Kids to Stop Interrupting the Class
  3. Simple Steps to Stopping the Continual ADHD Fidgeting and Hyperactivity
  4. Simple Steps to Get Your ADD Kids to Follow Directions
  5. How to Get Your ADHD Kids to Complete Assignments

School Strategies for ADHD Kids
guides parents in strategizing with their child’s teacher to get the best out of the classroom learning experience. This book also helps guide parents, homeschoolers, teachers and professionals in more successful ways of handling their ADD students.

School Strategies for ADHD Kids gives you solutions that can be implemented tomorrow to make learning more effective for ADD kids.

Strategies include breathing exercises, the importance of hydration, frequent breaks for productivity and more.

Your ADHD Kids Can Become Great Students

Great students are able to focus and complete their assignments. They are able to organize their work. Great students follow directions. ADHD kids become great students when these specific strategies are put in place. Self esteem rises too!Start your ADHD kids learning with greater ease today. Order your copy of School Strategies for ADHD Kids NOW!

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