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Family Crafts and Things to Do This Holiday

December 18th, 2023

It’s Holiday Family Time!

At Bonnie Terry Learning and Scholar Within, we are devoted to keeping the learning experience alive, fun, and part of our everyday lives.

We had so much fun with last week’s blog post on holiday activities that we decided to expand our list.

Each of these crafts and activities is designed to bring your family together for fun and learning. Quality family time can be the backbone for the learning experiences your children will build from. Make sure to take this opportunity over the holiday break to bring the family together for positive learning experiences.

If you enjoyed last week’s blog post we have more crafts and activities for you this week!

6 Family Crafts and Things to Do at Home

  1. Bake Cookies
    Who doesn’t love cookies?! Even for the gluten-free, you can use almond, rice, spelt, coconut, oat, or even chickpea flour. There is even a pre-made gluten-free cookie mix. Looking for a possibly healthier sugar substitute? Try local honey, maple syrup, or date syrup. Concerned with too much sugar that may make the kids bounce off the walls? Try substituting sugar with applesauce or mashed-up overripe bananas. What kind of shapes can you make the cookies? What are your favorite types of cookies? Take a vote and see which cookies win and what to bake. In the cookie-baking process, make sure everyone has a task just for them. Depending on your kids, a supervisor might be important before the food fight ensues.
  2. Make Place Mats or Place Cards for the Holiday Dinner Table
    Have everyone design their own custom artwork. Some of our favorites are cutting out different shapes from different colored construction paper. You can find packs of construction paper at your local office supply store. No colored construction paper? No problem. Use crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, stickers, or cuttings from ads or newspapers. You can even draw pictures of each other. Have your kids pick holiday themes and visualize their placemat or place card before starting.
  3. String Popcorn
    Make a garland, either for the tree or as a decoration. This is one of our favorites, and of course, always make extra popcorn for hungry helpers. Maybe make two batches of popcorn, one where you can add a touch of butter and salt for eating, and make a plain batch for the garland or decoration.
  4. Make a Collage from your Christmas Cards
    Make a collage with words into a special ‘holiday message’ and another just for pictures. Can you use the collage to tell a story? Make a Christmas or holiday scene by combining pictures from different Christmas cards.
  5. Write 3 Positive Comments About Each Family Member
    Think about why you are appreciative of your family, what they do well, and what they contribute to the family. Share them at a family meal or game time. (Only positive comments are allowed.) This can be written down privately, placed down at everyone’s spots around the table, and then read at dinner.
  6. Read a Christmas Story or Holiday Book as a Family
    After you finish have everyone describe their favorite part.

4 Family Things to Do Outside

  1. Collect Pine Cones and Evergreen Branches for Decoration
    See how many types of different cones you can find, then add some evergreen branches to make a wreath for your door or centerpiece for the table. Add a red, green, silver, or gold bow. You can also add glitter to the pine cones to give them an extra sparkle. If making a centerpiece, place a couple of candles nearby to set the mood.
  2. Take an Evening Drive to see the Holiday Lights
    A family favorite for dads! Research the best neighborhoods in your area for lights. Afterward, talk about your favorite displays, and why.
  3. Take a Holiday Hike in the Woods
    While out on your adventure, see how many animals you can spot, and then make a list. Make sure to dress appropriately!  Be sure to bring snacks and a thermos with a warm drink.
  4. Go Christmas Caroling in the Neighborhood
    Make a list of your favorite holiday songs and print the lyrics. Dress up in a holiday theme, silly sweaters, or hats, and then go caroling in your neighborhood. You might even get some of your neighbors to join you in the fun.

Let us know what your favorite holiday activities are by emailing us at or reaching us on our contact page.

From all of us at Bonnie Terry Learning and Scholar Within, we hope you have a great time with your family over the holidays!

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