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Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

February 6th, 2020

Valentine’s Day activities for kids are some of the best ways to get in the spirit for Valentine’s day. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. It is a time of love and reflection on our family relationships as well as our friends. This Valentine’s Day, try some activities with your kids to help them improve their visual and auditory processing skills.

Here is a fun family or group Valentine’s Day auditory processing activity. Watch the video and join in the fun. It is a participation Valentines Day Activity!

‘What’s Missing’ Game: Visual Processing Valentine’s Day Activity

  • Place heart-related items onto a tray.
  • These may be candy hearts, doilies, flowers, heart cookie cutters, an ace of hearts, heart candles, etc.
  • Everyone gets to look at the items for 1 minute.
  • Then cover them up.
  • Have the players write down all the items that they remember.
  • Then cover the tray of items with a sheet and have the kids cover and close their eyes.
  • While all eyes are closed, take one item away.
  • Kids open their eyes and guess what item is missing.
  • Repeat this process of taking items away and having the kids guess what is missing until there is nothing left.

This activity helps with visual memory, visual figure-ground, and visual discrimination.

School Valentine's Day Activities

Finding the ‘Missing Piece of My Heart’ Game

  • First, draw 5 hearts on construction paper.
  • Next, cut out the 5 hearts.
  • Then cut each heart into two pieces. Make the cuts irregular, so that no two hearts are alike.
  • Place the hearts into a bag and shake them up.
  • Then place them on the table and search for the pieces to put them back together.

This activity helps with visual closure, visual discrimination, and form constancy. Another activity you can do with these cut up hearts is to give each person one-half of a heart and then they have to find the person with the matching piece.

Valentine Day Activity: Make a Beautiful Valentine Card

Valentine's Day Educational Activities for Kids

This valentine heart card is easily made from red, pink or white hole punch circles or torn bits of paper glued to a piece of construction paper. It makes a great card or Valentine’s Day decoration. You can even do multicolored hearts. Simply draw a heart on a sheet of paper with a pencil. Use either printing paper, card stock, or construction paper. Then use a hole punch to make small circles of either red, pink, or white paper. If you don’t have a hole punch, you can also tear the paper into small pieces. Then glue the torn pieces of paper or the tiny circular holes you punched onto the construction paper heart.

Let the card dry. And finally, write your message inside the card and give it to your favorite Valentine!

Bonnie Terry

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is internationally recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist. She is an award-winning author and learning disability specialist and board-certified educational therapist.

Bonnie Terry co-founded Scholar Within in 2019 to enable all parents to be able to use her learning programs at home. The programs are brain-based and research driven to dramatically improve your kids’ skills.

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Bonnie Terry is also the best-selling author of Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills, Ten Minutes to Better Writing and Study Skills, and The Sentence Zone Game.

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