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Use Your Hands to Make a Bed to Help with 'b' and 'd' Letter Reversals

A quick overview of what letter reversals are and a tip to address 'b' and 'd' reversal problems.

Sometimes kids struggle with reading due to reversal problems. Reversing letters and numbers is common as children are learning to read. However, this should be stabilized by the time your children are 8 years old. I had a high school student that still struggled with this.

This is caused by problems with laterality and directionality. A quick way to help those with reversal problems is to use the B and D Reversal Posters and Stickers to remind your children which way the b’s and d’s face.

Once my high school student used the posters and stickers, her reading improved dramatically. The poster and stickers are color coded too, which helped her remember which letters were b’s and which were d’s. Watch the video to learn more.

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