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B and D Reversal Stickers

B and D Reversal Stickers (20 stickers)


Stickers to Help with B and D Reversals

These “b & d” stickers show students how to make a bed with their hands, finding the b and d on their body. If you make two fists with your thumbs up with your hands and put them together, you have made a ‘bed’ with your hands. Students find that they always have the ‘b’ and ‘d’ with them, so they can check and self-correct any reversal of a ‘b’ or ‘d’ that they read or write. The ‘b’ is color-coded blue because blue begins with a ‘b’, and the ‘d’ is color-coded red since red ends with a ‘d’.

The poster also helps with reversals with ‘p’ and ‘q’. We make the ‘b’ sound and then the ‘p’ sound. Think about and notice the movements of your mouth with the ‘b’ and ‘p’ sounds. Make the sounds again. You did the same movement with your mouth for both the ‘b’ and the ‘p’. The ‘b’ was noisy and the ‘p’ was quiet. Now, make the ‘bed’ with your hands. If you flip the ‘b’ down, you now have a ‘p’. Then I explain that the letter ‘q’ always has a ‘u’ after it. It is the only letter that always has a ‘u’ after it. I tell the students the story to the ‘q’, which helps them remember this.

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