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Colored Overlays for Reading Help

Watch Bonnie Terry do a quick test to see if colored overlays will help with reading.

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Colored Overlays for Reading Help

Can colored overlays help your child read with ease? When your child struggles with academic performance, behavior, attention, sitting still, and difficulty concentration the first go to diagnosis may be dyslexia, learning disabilities, or ADHD. However, sometimes kids struggle with reading, behavior, attention, and concentration due to what is called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is visual stress related to the interaction of light to the central nervous system and the eyes at a physiological level. The effects of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome are most noticeable during activities associated with reading. Reading with colored overlays on top of your print material often helps. Pioneers in this field are by Meares and Irlen.

Watch Bonnie checking a student for scotopic sensitivity syndrome to see if colored overlays will help. You’ll be able to see for yourself if the solution, reading by the colors can help you too.

Symptoms of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

Being bothered by:

  • Bright lights
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Sunlight
  • Sometimes lights at night

These sensitivities impact:

  • Reading
  • Eye strain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty copying
  • Poor depth perception

Additional problems may be:

  • Print looks different
  • Slow or stilted reading
  • Poor sports performance
  • Low motivation
  • Low self-esteem

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