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How to Use Touch Math for Calculation Accuracy

Watch Bonnie Terry give a quick overview of using touch math (a multisensory approach to math). As long as you follow the dots, you will be accurate in your math calculations.

Touch Math is a Multisensory (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic) Approach to Math Calculation

In touch math, every number has points on it that reflect the value of its number. So the number 4 has 4 points, the number 5 has 5 points and so on. Using the touch points in an auditory, visual, kinesthetic/tactile manner makes all math calculations easy.

Most people that learn about touch points only learn how to add and subtract with them. The real beauty as far as I’m concerned is when you use them for multiplication and division. That is when the technique really pays off.

Our ASW Math Program teaches you how to use touch math in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Then we teach you a specific process for solving word problems. Afterward, we move into fractions and beginning algebra.

The program does correlate to Common Core and gives you the background knowledge you need to succeed in math. Read more about our ASW Math Program here.

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