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The 5 Critical Steps You Need to Help Your Child Improve Their Learning Skills

July 15th, 2010
For those of you that missed last Wednesday night’s call … I wanted to pass this along as soon as I could.
Here is the link where you can go to listen to the Mid-Summer Activities to Improve Your Child’s Skills Teleseminar.
You will want to listen over the next 3 days as it may not be available after that.
You will hear:

  1. Case Studies
  2. A current client talk about her daughter and how this method has changed their lives.
On the call you will learn:
  1. Why children and adults struggle with learning
  2. The Cone of Learning
  3. The 5 critical steps you need to help your child improve their skills
  4. The 6 activities you can do right now to help them improve their skills and still have fun.
Especially for parents wanting to help their:
  1. Struggling learners
  2. Reluctant learners
  3. Learners that take a long time to complete their work
  4. Learners that are ‘falling through the cracks’
  5. LD, Dyslexic, ADHD learners
  6. Gifted learners
These activities work with kids of all ages – and even adults, too! Improve reading skills, writing skills, spelling skills, and math skills in minutes a day.
Listen before the recording is taken down!
Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

2 Responses to “The 5 Critical Steps You Need to Help Your Child Improve Their Learning Skills”

  1. Sam says:

    How can I listen to this tele seminar?

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