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Learning Reading Help: Auditory Memory Part 1

November 22nd, 2010

Part 1 Auditory Memory

When you need learning reading help you want to be sure you are considering all of the areas that may be problematic to learning reading. Whether you have dyslexia, an identified learning disability, are falling through the cracks, or are gifted, these areas of perception are the reason why you need reading help.

Remember, there are 9 areas of  auditory processing, 9 areas of visual processing, and 9 areas of tactile/kinesthetic processing that affect learning. When you have a difficulty in any of those areas learning reading can become difficult.

Learning Reading Help: Auditory Areas

For example, auditory memory is just one of the 9 areas or auditory processing that is critical for learning reading skills. If you can’t remember the sounds of the letters you will have trouble with learning reading. However, there is more to auditory memory than just straight recall of sounds.

Auditory Memory and Learning Reading Help

I have worked with students that could restate whatever I said such as a list of words…blue, purple, red. But they were not able to use that information, process it, and then give me an answer. I have worked with other students that could remember songs but had great difficulty remembering their spelling words. And spelling is part of learning reading skills. There really is a difference between sheer regurgitation of auditory information and the utilization of the material you hear.

Watch the video Learning Reading Help Part 1 to find out more.

3 Responses to “Learning Reading Help: Auditory Memory Part 1”

  1. Linda S. says:

    This article really enlightened my understanding of auditory memory. I now get why my daughter has problems with comprehension even though she can remember every word of her favorite songs she cannot follow oral directions. How can I help her with this?

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