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Is your child struggling with dyslexia, reading skills, writing skills, spelling skills?

August 16th, 2010

Many children struggle with learning or work harder than they need to. In fact, many children work 3, 4, or even 5 times harder than they need to. I’m not just talking about children with dyslexia or an identified learning disability, or ADHD. Children that are falling through the cracks or are average in school or even gifted also often work a lot harder than they need to. I believe all children as well as adults are talented, but sometimes there is something going on that is interfering with learning which makes reading, writing, spelling, or math harder than it needs to be.

Stressed Because Your Child May Have Dyslexia and Struggles with Learning?

Be sure to read the 4 activities you can do to help your child even if they have dyslexia improve reading.

7 Responses to “Is your child struggling with dyslexia, reading skills, writing skills, spelling skills?”

  1. Ryan says:

    One way we’ve been able to engage kids’ interest is combining SAT prep with basic video game elements, like challenges, virtual goods, leveling-up and utilizing them to help them focus on practicing. Because we’re an online solution students can study in 10-20 minute bursts, and still allow us to track progress, strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Mark de Pores says:

    one thing you can do to help them from stressing children is engage them in music schools.

  3. bonnieterry says:

    Yes, there are a variety of supplements as well as specific essential oils that help ADHD.

  4. Alva Wittenmyer says:

    As of today there are still no permanent cure for ADHD but i think stem cells can give us high hopes. .

  5. Mamie Riles says:

    i think that melatonin supplements can also help with ADHD. ”

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