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Improve Reading and Writing Skills with Family Activities

January 28th, 2014

Awaken the Scholar Within Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program is designed specifically for struggling learners who are falling through the cracks: kids with dyslexia, ADHD, learning challenges, Autism, or even gifted learners who just take too long to do their homework.

Filled with simple activities that are easy for anyone to implement in just 15 to 20 minutes a day, this online ASW program was designed using proven, research-based techniques, strategies, and methods to improve reading, writing, and study skills.

Two Examples of the Numerous Family Educational Activities in the ASW Reading, Writing, & Study Skills Program

10 Min with Field Trips with a twist

Many of your regular activities and outings  can also be used for learning.  When you go to the store or the park with your kids, be observant. Look at the surroundings, look at the colors, shapes, sizes, items or/and people you see. Talk about them. Did you see the…? Think about the first thing you did and the last thing you did. What was the first item you bought? Did you find everything that was on your list? THEN, when you get home, as a family, write down what you did and what your favorite part was… Use the graphic organizer fill-in-the-blank forms from our Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills; this book will make this very easy. Then, put your ‘stories’ about your trip into a family memory book. This activity builds comprehension, writing, reading, auditory memory, and visual memory skills.

You can learn how to turn family activities into fun learning activities that improve reading, writing, and study skills! It is the process that we use that makes the difference. The step-by-step instruction  in the video lessons makes the difference and ultimately improves the skills.

The Awaken the Scholar Within Reading, Writing, & Study Skills Program Includes the
Following Lessons and Materials…

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Find out more about the Awaken the Scholar Within Reading, Writing, & Study Skills Program and Enroll Today.

Bonnie Terry

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is a Learning Disability Specialist and Board Certified Educational Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Education. Ms. Terry helps parents identify, understand, and address the underlying causes of their child’s learning problems. Dyslexic, LD and ADHD kids advance 2-4 years in 20 minutes a day with Ms. Terry’s Awaken the Scholar Within Programs and her books, games, and guides at Terry is an expert with fun learning activities for those with learning challenges.

8 Responses to “Improve Reading and Writing Skills with Family Activities”

  1. Ardlee says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    I emailed your info line but have not gotten a response yet. I know you are a very busy person but wanted to know what program would be better for my daughter. In short we are dealing with APD, reading fluency, reading comprehension, trouble expressing herself. I cannot afford the more expensive programs but need her to be ready for 2nd grade. IF you can, please read my email and respond. Thanks

  2. Paresh P Chitnis says:

    Hi Bonnie Terry,
    This article is very good. I am convinced that a child’s problem is a family’s problem and the holistic solution is family education.
    Good work. keep it up!
    Paresh P Chitnis

  3. Visalam says:

    Hi Bonnie Terry,
    I am from India visiting here and working in madras dyslexia association. It is a non profit organization. I cannot afford to spend money . I will be very grateful if you can send me free activities and information by mail.


  4. wendell harris says:

    hi terry my son has trouble reading and expressing his self he tend to forget the wordes and i will like to know what to do and if you can help me to help my son ty

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