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Best Homework Help Resources and Websites

April 12th, 2012

Homework Help: Why do so many kids struggle with math, especially algebra?

Teachers often move fast in math to cover the curriculum. Unfortunately kids don’t always have each concept solid before they have to move on to the next concept. Math just keeps getting harder.

Kids that struggle with algebra never got a solid foundation with fractions. The way you manipulate fractions is the same way you manipulate equations so it’s necessary to really understand fractions.

Homework Help: How can parents refresh their memories on certain subjects
or find cheat sheets so that they can help their kids with their homework?


Use our BT Easy Math Reference Guide and the Writer’s Easy Reference Guide – ultimate cheat sheets for math and writing assignments.

The following is a review on the BT Easy Math Reference Guide from Mary Pride (publisher of Practical Home Schooling Magazine):

The BT Easy Math Reference Guide is a motherlode of math help. If you’re one of those “math-phobic” moms, it could be a huge help with teaching your kids elementary math and getting them ready with everything they need to know before tackling algebra.

Starting with addition and subtraction, this 16-page guide shows step by step how to solve all elementary math calculations right up to fractions and decimals. Also covered are all those “other” math topics, such as word problems, bar and circle graph, rounding and estimating, place value, geometry, measurements, money, and averaging.

You’ll learn the how, the why, and the memory tricks to help you student remember. Simple, clear examples, all in a sturdy, 3-hole-punched format you can slip into a binder. It’s a great supplement to any math program, for both parent and student.
Don’t spend another evening frustrated, trying to help your child with their math assignment! Become your child’s math hero; empower your child, and ENJOY your evenings!

The Writer’s Easy Reference Guide is your ultimate cheat sheet for writing assignments. A First Hand Experience:

“Wow! This is everything our students need to know to pass the state writing exam! We have one for every student. Thanks!”
Wilson Senior High School, LA Unified School Dist.

“This is great, it has everything my students need in one place.”
Linda Swartz, Educational Therapist

“One of the best things I’ve ever seen!”
Trudy Farrar, 8th grade teacher

“I love your Writer’s Easy Reference Guide!”
Susan Gyulai, English teacher, Stanley Middle School

“I like having all the literature terms and parts of speech definitions so easy to use.”
Tricia L. College Student

3 Homework Help Websites that I recommend:

Homework Help for Math: – just scroll down once you get to it and pick the specific topic you need to brush up on – lots of short videos for you.

Homework Help for Science – biology and chemistry – and click on spark notes. On the left it will let you select the subject

Homework Help for and again click on your topic on the left


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