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August 21st, 2017

Homework: What You Can Do to Ease the Stress

Homework is something most students deal with if not on a daily basis, then a weekly basis. Homework time can be easy but it can also be difficult. We have tips, strategies, and tools that make homework time less stressful.

  • Is homework time a struggle for your family?
  • What do you do when the struggle hits?
  • Do you listen to the whining?
  • Do you get upset?
  • Do you try to fix everything?
  • Do you lose your patience?

These are all common responses to homework struggles. So, what do you do when the struggle hits? Do arguments ensue? Do you spend the night cajoling your son or daughter into doing their assignments? Watch the video for some practical tips to help make your evenings a lot smoother and give you back your sanity.

How Much Time to Spend on Homework?

For each year your child is in school, they should have about 10 minutes of homework per evening. So, if your child is in 3rd-grade, plan on roughly 30 minutes each evening, whereas a 10th-grade student should have about an hour and twenty minutes per evening. If your kids are repeatedly spending two to three times that amount, you may want to let your child’s teacher know. Sometimes they don’t realize how much time it takes your child to do a particular assignment. Additionally, special projects will take longer, but special projects like book reports should only be happening once or twice a month.

Tools for Doing Assignments at Home

Be sure you have the secret tools your kids need when they are doing their homework. That will also lessen their stress.

How We Learn Can Impact Home Assignments

Remember, we take in and process information through the vision system, auditory system, and tactile-kinesthetic system. If your kids take a long time to do their assignments, it can be due to one or more areas of perception that are not working as well as they could, should, and can. There are 27 areas of perception (9 vision, 9 auditory, and 9 tactile-kinesthetic). These are learned skills and can improve with simple exercises. Even gifted kids can struggle with homework because of perception problems. Once the perception problems are addressed, life gets so much easier and the homework struggles often disappear.

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