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Using Visual Clocks to Help Your ADHD, Dyslexic, or LD Kids at School

August 22nd, 2009

I’ve been in contact with two parents regarding using visual clocks to help their children keep track of transition times at school. Thought you might be interested in their questions and my response to them.

Has anyone used visual charts with pictures of items and clock faces
that show time? I am having trouble finding websites so I can get one
set up for school to show my son when he will be doing things. I talked
last year about it but the teacher never did it and I want to try this
year and see if it helps but I can not find sites

Any ideas?

Nichole from MI


I would love to have whatever info you get.  Can you use
Boardmaker?  We asked the school if WE could provide our son with a visual
schedule to help him at school, and they said “no – then the other kids
would want one.”  The sad part is that we didn’t pursue it.  This year,
though, we are at least going to do that at home.

I’ve used visual clocks but I’ve made them myself. What I would do is to
make up my own clocks and then go in to meet the teacher and say something
to the effect of “I’m so glad to meet you. We’re looking forward to a
great year with you. I know you have my son’s (daughter’s) best interest
at heart and want to help him/her succeed. I just wanted to give you a
heads up on what has worked for us. Using visual clocks that are on
his/her desk to denote the change in subject or class makes a big
difference in their day. I know how busy you are with the start up of the
year so I went ahead and made them up for him/her. If you could just tell
us your transition times so we can fill them in that would be great.”

This type of statement tells them rather than asks, but tells them in a
nice way and you are being helpful by making them up and taping them to
the desk. It is also giving the teacher credit for working with you to
help your child succeed as well as getting them off the hook with the
statement that you know how busy they are with starting up the school

I hope this helps!

BTW: I’m a parent as well as a teacher
Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

P.S. Feel free to ask you questions and/or leave a comment!

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