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Spelling, Reading Fluency, and Visual Processing

June 18th, 2009


I’m interested in a couple of your products.  Regarding the Spelling Sense book 1, what ages is this appropriate for?  How are the words arranged and how many do you give weekly?  I have tried a word family approach with my 9 year old  ( just turned 9).  He’ll do fine for that week and the next week, but after that he can’t remember them.  Do you have any suggestions?

Also, we just found out he has a visual processing disorder and recently began vision therapy.  We are doing vision therapy homework each day.  I’m wondering about your “How to improve reading in 5 minutes a day” to see if that would help as well.  Or I am thinking that maybe I should wait on it and focus just on vision therapy at the present time.  What are your thoughts?

Thank you.

Leah Cheshire

Hi Leah,

The Making Spelling Sense book covers the 500 most frequently used words. That is a basic vocabulary for 1st – 3rd. The Making Spelling Sense II carries on from there and gets into prefixes, suffixes, and root words which is a 4th – 6th level. I would start with the first one to give him a solid foundation. There are about 10 – 12 words per list.

The Five Minutes to Better Reading will actually augment the vision therapy you are doing as it also works on visual tracking at the same time as visual closure and fluency. You only do it for 5 minutes a day. Here is a link to a video where I’m using it with a student. How to Improve Reading in 5 Minutes a Day

I hope this has been helpful.

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

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