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Reading Help: Reading Program Gives Students Three-Year Gain in One Year

March 2nd, 2012

Very excited to share that a story about my company was just posted in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch as well as Reuters and by 200 other media. creates three years of reading gains in just one year for her students using her “Awaken The Scholar Within Program.”

Students and researchers alike celebrate the gains.

“I could barely read in elementary school, but spending just one year using the Bonnie Terry reading strategies allowed me to read at a college level by the sixth grade,” says Bridget Hogan, UC student.

“We love your program because we have five solid years of data supporting your work,” says author of School Moves For Learning, Debra Wilson.

Terry’s program from demonstrates three-year reading gains in just one year and the diagnostic portion is remarkably comprehensive which allows her to get to the root cause of reading problems. Twenty-seven different areas of perception are evaluated and Terry is able to determine nine visual, nine auditory and nine kinesthetic areas in which a person may struggle and precisely what to do about it.

“It is not so important to determine what grade level a child reads at because that does not accurately reveal why a problem exists,” states Terry. “Ninety-five percent of reading problems are related to visual tracking problems, which are not tested in most schools.”

Terry, a 38-year Board Certified Educational Therapist and Learning Disability Specialist, uses a three-pronged integrative approach to help students improve reading scores in just 20 minutes a day and shares these with parents:

Reading Help: The Top Three Things Parents Can Use to Improve Reading Scores in 20 Minutes a Day:

1. Fluency training (reading accurately from left to right) for just 5 minutes a day will improve the foundational reading skills every child needs to read not only at grade level but above. Nix the flash cards, silent reading, and reading lists of words.

“Kids read across not down, and need to master the art of eye tracking, just like a skilled athlete uses better eye-tracking skills to catch, throw and hit the ball,” she says.

2. Listen, learn and do. Kids have not actually learned something until they can act on it. In Terry’s Ten Minutes To Better Writing and Study Skills book at, she shows kids how to take notes on what they read, turn those notes into paragraphs and combine paragraphs into essays.

“If ultimately we want to teach our kids to be good thinkers, we have to show them how to take action on what they learned,” says Terry. “Writing is the doing part of thinking.”

3. Play games and have fun. Games establish an emotional connection with reading and writing because they help you find the main idea, details, how to write good sentences and improve your vocabulary.

Terry’s Sentence Zone and Comprehension Zone are hands-on games with color coding and are based on years of scientific research showing that kids learn better with color and having fun while they play and learn.

Terry was named Auburn, CA Woman of the Year in 2011 and has operated for the past 16 years. Her programs include: reading, writing, spelling, study skills, and math.

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You may contact Bonnie Terry via telephone at 530.888.7160

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Heather Carpenter


Remember reading help is available with Bonnie Terry Learning’s games, books, and guides.

5 Responses to “Reading Help: Reading Program Gives Students Three-Year Gain in One Year”

  1. Michael Davis says:

    Hats off to you Terry.You just marked out the problems that a child faces.I agree that reading problems are mainly related to visual tracking problems. I think one doesn’t need to pressurize one’s children to learn or read.It just need to follow some process like learning by playing or regular fluent reading.That’s it.Great post! Very informative. Thanks you so much!

  2. I will be interviewing for elementary teacher positions this summer so I need to know a good answer for this question in case I get asked by an interviewer. How do you set up a reading program?

    • bonnieterry says:

      Great reading programs will create great thinking students that can summarize and evaluate what they read and then take action and form opinions. To do this you need to incorporate the components that are represented in the materials that are in our Reading Pack:

      1. phonics & phonemic awareness
      2. fluency training
      3. spelling: instruction in the 8 ways we put letters together to make words
      4. specific instruction in vocabulary
      5. comprehension: utilize what you read by writing (writing is the doing part of thinking)

  3. bonnieterry says:

    Thanks so much! BTW, I will be doing a webinar on Sept 19th that you may be interested in. To be notified be sure to sign up for my 10 free homework tips.

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