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Review: The LD Assessment Tool…

March 11th, 2009

I’m so excited to share this review that just came in. I sent out a few advance copies of the new LD Dyslexia Assessment Tool: Learning Difficulty/Disability Pre-Screening Tool and Informal Comprehensive Identification Tool to several professionals and The LINK magazine. Here it is:

By Emerson Sandow of The LINK homeschool magazine

In homeschooling, Bonnie Terry is known as one of the foremost developers of great educational products.  She is considered one of the country’s top experts in the field of identifying learning disabilities.  Her 30 years’ experience as an educator/learning therapist, provide a rock-solid foundation for producing superb learning materials that are parent-friendly and effective and pleasing to use for children.

There is nothing so difficult for a parent as to watch his/her child struggling with reading, spelling, writing or any other language-related skill that might come easily to others, all due to a learning disability.  Since these language skills are even more basic and necessary in the grown-up world than math skills, parents of a learning-disabled child often experience much hand-wringing and loss of sleep trying to determine a solution – or even to diagnose what the problem may be.  Because the labeling of learning disabilities (and the subsequent pharmaceutical solution) has become such a massive part of public schools, many home-schooling parents are rightly wary of how to find reliable information to assist their child.

To solve this dilemma, Bonnie Terry offers a brand new book, Learning Difficulty/Disability Pre-Screening Tool and Informal Comprehensive Identification Tool.  This attractive and easy-to-read 63-page book consists of on-point discussions, explanations and self-examining surveys to determine if your child has a learning disability, and if so, to what extent.  It defines exactly what such a disability is, what causes it and how to understand the differences between dyslexia, a learning disability and a learning difficulty.  The surveys are designed for parents to fill out, based upon their observations and knowledge of their child.  This new book fulfills Ms. Terry’s mission of providing easy-to-use diagnostic information that parents can use to gain a clear and sensible insight into their child’s true learning topography.

This Pre-Screening Tool book is the newest addition to the Bonnie Terry Learning library of materials to aid parents in the area of teaching children with learning disabilities.  A major portion of Ms. Terry’s decades of experience has been as an Educational Therapist.  For many years, she has offered her popular Learing Pack just for those children who have difficulty with language-based skills, including reading, spelling, writing and study skills in general.

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