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Improve Auditory Learning Skills with VAK Therapy

September 9th, 2014

What if… You found a learning disability solution that is not just another quick fix? What if… This school year, you learned to help your child gain new skills and become a better student and learning became easier??

In my last post, I wrote about how we take in information through the senses: visual processing, auditory processing, and kinesthetic processing. When your visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic systems are working well, learning becomes easier. Just as visual processing is more than seeing, auditory processing is more than the ability to hear.

Learning Reading Help Auditory Processing

Auditory processing

Auditory processing is the ability to use what you hear, to make sense of it, organize it, use it, and learn from it. Those that have difficulties with auditory processing might be poor listeners and have difficulty remembering or understanding verbal information, directions, and/or lectures. Auditory processing directly impacts the following areas of learning.

VAK Auditory Processing affects learning-2, learning disabilities

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Problems

Kids and adults with auditory problems or CAPD may have difficulty with:

  • Discrimination of sounds
  • Spelling
  • Remembering and/or understanding verbal information
  • Following oral directions
  • Summarizing
  • Taking notes from a lecture

The good news in all of this is that these are learned skills, and they can be improved. With specific exercises and activities, the auditory system can be improved, which then improves learning. These exercises are like gymnastics for the auditory (hearing) system. They improve your abilities in phonemic awareness, word attack skills, spelling, word recognition, comprehension, and more.

Enter the Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Therapy Program Contest

Another piece of news, you can now enter Bonnie Terry Learning’s Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Therapy Program contest and have a chance at winning the $797 program for free. This program includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic therapy to improve the 27 areas of learning.

Auditory Processing Family Activity

And, for a fun family activity that improves listening skills…do an “Add-On Story”, where one person starts the story and each subsequent person adds on to it. The story can be silly but does need to make sense. Watch Bonnie on the video for more on this.

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