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Back to School Supplies for Dyslexia and ADHD Kids

August 8th, 2017

Kids Can Succeed with ‘Secret Weapon’ Back to School Supplies for ADHD and Dyslexia Kids

School success depends on a number of characteristics: willingness to learn, attending classes regularly, asking questions, being attentive, doing and turning in assignments. One thing that strikes me here is the doing and turning in assignments characteristic. Studies have shown that students tend to do well in school when they have the tools they need handy.

What if your child has dyslexia, ADHD or a learning disability? Do the back to school supplies really make a difference? Yes, when struggling students have the ‘secret weapon’ back to school supplies, and learn how to use them, their lives become easier. They are able to make the connections they need to comprehend and use what they are learning. Simple tools really can and do make the difference.

So, what are some of those ‘must have’ tools? Are there any ‘secret weapons’ so to speak that will really help your child succeed? There is the general list of school supplies that most parents are aware of…you know, the pencils, erasers, markers, colored pencils, crayons, pencil sharpener, glue, tape, ruler, notebook paper, scissors, and dictionary. But what are the more unusual or ‘secret weapon’ supplies that will set your child up for success?

‘Secret Weapon’ School Supplies for ADHD and Dyslexic Kids

K – 2nd Grade School Supplies

  1. Pencils – These are for beginning writers.
  2. Pencil Grips – These are specifically designed to help kids write and hold their pencils properly.
  3. Dry Erase Markers – These markers make it easy for your kids and easy to erase.
  4. Washable Markers – These markers make it easy for your kids and easy to wash off.
  5. Pencil Sharpener – Make it easy for kids to write more neatly with sharpened pencils.
  6. Erasers – These are the sturdiest and best I’ve found over the years.
  7. Glue Stick – Make it easy for your kids to glue without making a mess.
  8. Scissors – Get the sharpest and safest scissors around.
  9. Sentence Zone Game – Learn how to write sentences with color coded cards.
  10. Wide Ruled Handwriting Paper – This paper helps with sizing letters correctly.

3rd – 6th Grade School Supplies

Get the supplies in the K – 2nd grade list and add the following items:

  1. Erasable Pens – These will help you make corrections a little bit easier.
  2. Highlighter Tape – Color code your textbooks and notes with removable colored tape.
  3. Graph Paper – This helps you keep your columns straight in math.
  4. Hole Punch – Secure your papers in their appropriate folder or notebook.
  5. Folders for Reports – Keep organized with color-coded folders.
  6. Atlas (student friendly) – See the connections geographically and historically.
  7. Thesaurus (student friendly) – Use more interesting words in your writing and assignments.
  8. Graphic Organizers – Make note-taking, paragraph writing, and essay writing a little easier.
  9. Writing Reference Guide – The ultimate cheat sheet for any writing assignment.
  10. Math Reference Guide – The ultimate cheat sheet for math homework.

7th – 12th Grade School Supplies

Get the supplies in the 3rd – 6th grade list and add the following items:

  1. Color-coded Index Cards – Study a little bit easier by color categorizing notes.
  2. Student Planner – Improve organization and study skills.
  3. Compass – Draw circles and arcs for math and art.
  4. Protractor – Measure angles and work on geometry.
  5. Calculator – A scientific calculator for math.
  6. Old Farmer’s Almanac – Interesting and fun facts you may use in writing assignments: “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor”.
  7. Rubber Band Ball – Keep your note cards together, pens and more.
  8. Sentence Zone Game – Learn English Grammar and sentence structure with color coded cards while you play.
  9. The Ultimate Student Friendly Dictionary – Students can actually understand these definitions.
  10. Chalks – For doing art projects or drawings for reports.

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