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Bridge Isolated Reading Skills – Phonics & Fluency Skills To Real Life Reading

September 2nd, 2008

Bridge Isolated Skills To Real Life Reading

Bridging the isolated reading skill to real life situations can be accomplished in a rather painless way. Use the Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills program. It is also practicing rapid naming in addition to visual closure, visual tracking, and phonemic awareness. Third, immediately following this exercise [Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills], read a story or passage from the book you are currently working out of. This is your text reading, your real-life integrating of the skills.

Text Reading Bridge To Comprehension

The text reading doesn’t end the reading instruction because now you need to work on reading comprehension strategies. The ability to decode words and then decode them faster is crucial to reading. However, if you have that skill but are not able to comprehend what you have read, all you do is word calling.

Reading is not only the decoding process. It is also the process of making sense of the written word, getting meaning from it, processing it, utilizing it, and making it your own.

Next time: Easy Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension & Actually Utilize What You Read

Bonnie Terry, M. ED., BCET

4 Responses to “Bridge Isolated Reading Skills – Phonics & Fluency Skills To Real Life Reading”

  1. Linda Schlegel says:

    I found your article very interesting. Have you developed any products that would be useful for my daughter that has learning disabilities?
    Linda Schlegel

  2. Thanks so much for your interest. There are a number of products that may be helpful to you and your daughter. If you click on the products tab you will see a variety of products that I have developed over the years to use with students with learning disabilities to make learning easier for them.

  3. bonnieterry says:

    Thank you. BTW, You can hear me on Learning Made Easy Talk Radio every Sunday 10 am CST and 3 pm CST

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