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Break Time or Learning Time? Fun Holiday Family Activities for Kids

December 20th, 2011

Break Time or Learning Time?

Fun Holiday Family Activities for Kids

Is it best to let my children take the whole holiday season off from learning? Bonnie Terry, America’s Leading Learning Specialist is on FOX Morning News sharing her insights and activities with you.

Family Activity Book…

I recall so many wonderful activities my family did when I was growing up: ice skating, seeing the Christmas lights, visits to my grandparents or Aunt and Uncle’s house, trips to the Art Institute or the Field Museum in Chicago, and of course baking those delicious spritz cookies! My children recall many of our family holiday activities in the Sacramento area. We did go ice skating in downtown Sacramento- they set up an ice rink downtown. We also went to the Crocker Art Gallery and the Railroad Museum; we made lots of Christmas crafts and collages, and of course we baked and decorated those same spritz cookies my mom had taught us to bake. I can even smell them now. So, my Christmas gift to you is the BT Family Activity Book where there are over 80 fun family activities in 7 different categories.

  1. Weekly Trips
  2. Nature Activities
  3. Outdoor Activities
  4. Do at Home Activities
  5. Recommended Games
  6. Recommended Books According to Grade Level
  7. Award Winning Books

You can download it here: BT Family Activity Book

The Ultimate Must  Do to Make Your Holiday Family Activities Count

And, remember to take that last step with your holiday family activities: create a family scrapbook or collage that covers the activities you did. That is where the true learning of the activities takes place. The scrapbook or collage can be kept from year to year and even added to over the years. When you go back and review those places you went to or activities you did, the memory system is enhanced which improves learning skills. Family activities are a great way to build learning skills.

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