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Auditory Processing Problems…What Do I Do?

August 14th, 2009

A question came in today regarding auditory processing problems…

My 8 year old daughter just got diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, mild dyslexia, attention issues, and eye teaming issues.  She is on a beginning 2nd grade reading level and a post 1st grade math level.  She is currently doing interactive metronome and then will start Ken Gibson’s Pace Program.  She is also starting a computerized home vision therapy program.  I have always home schooled her and her older sister (who has no issues).  Also, I will be starting moving with math by math teachers press as soon as it arrives.

I guess my question is what else can  I do with her this school year as far as curriculum?   Are there any other training programs you can suggest?  And what about her future…can we overcome this?

Thanks so much, April

Yes, auditory processing can be improved. Remember, most of these areas of perception are learned which means they can be improved.

I will be posting another article in the next few days with more auditory processing activities.  Additionally, the spelling program Making Spelling Sense addresses & improves auditory processing skills with the specific method used in the book. The book was designed specifically to work on auditory processing at the same time it teaches spelling. That way you work on a specific skill and at the same time address the underlying causes of most spelling problems – which are related to auditory processing.

A good computerized program for addressing auditory processing skills is Earobics.

Here are a variety of posts that relate to auditory process in one fashion or another. The March 26th, January 12th, and January 7th posts should prove to be very helpful to you.

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I hope this is helpful!

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

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