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Auditory Processing and Learning…

September 24th, 2014

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Problems

auditory processing, VAK, learning disabiities

Do your kids have trouble with:

  • Following instructions?
  • Rhyming words?
  • Reading comprehension?
  • Listening comprehension?
  • Remembering facts?
  • Reading aloud or dislike reading aloud?
  • Spelling words accurately?
  • Word problems?

These are all symptoms of difficulty with just one area of auditory processing. And auditory processing is one of the most common areas impacted in kids or adults with learning disabilities.

There are 9 specific areas of auditory processing that impact learning in the following ways.

VAK, Auditory Processing, learning disabilities

The good news is you can improve auditory processing skills with specific exercises and activities. And, you can do these activities with the whole family in just a few minutes and see everyone’s skills increase! It is a total win/win situation! These auditory skills can improve quite rapidly and learning can become so much easier when you do the simple activities.

Family Auditory Processing VAK Activity:

Sit in the back yard or front yard and listen to the sounds you hear. Write them down. How many sounds have you heard? Compare with each other the sounds everyone has heard. Then you can even categorize the sounds. Then go to another place: the park, river, soccer field, church, school yard, or mall and do the same. Compare and contrast the sounds in the different places.

What Do Parents Say About the Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Therapy Program:

“My son’s reading fluency has really improved and so has his spelling. He listens better too. Thanks so much!”

Kim M.

“Bonnie, I can’t thank you enough for this program. Your simple VAK activities have really made such a difference to our family. I’ve even noticed that my own skills are improving!”

Laura B.


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