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12 Family Activities Bring Holiday Fun and Improve Learning Skills

December 16th, 2015
Family Activities

12 Family Activities to Promote Holiday Learning and Fun

  1. Write down 3 positive comments about each family member and share them with each other
  2. String popcorn – either for the tree or as a wall decoration
  3. Make a collage from your Christmas cards
  4. Bake cookies together
  5. Take an evening drive to see the holiday lights (and afterwards talk about your favorite ones)
  6. Take a holiday hike in the woods
  7. Collect pine cones and then put glitter on them for a table decoration
  8. Make place cards for everyone for the holiday dinner table
  9. Watch a holiday movie together
  10. Go Christmas caroling in the neighborhood
  11. Have a family game night
  12. Read a Christmas story or holiday book as a family

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Family Activities Promote Learning…

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