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10 More Easy to Implement LD & ADD/ADHD Accommodations in the Classroom or at Home

November 25th, 2008
  1. Utilize hands-on activities.
  2. Make the material as interactive as possible even if that means having the ADD student holding up some of the graphics for the rest of the class to see.
  3. Have the ADD student be in charge of collecting the homework and putting it on your desk or appropriate place. This is a constructive way of allowing the ADD student to walk around the classroom.
  4. Maintain good eye contact.
  5. Give directions in small, distinct steps.
  6. Use written backup for oral instructions.
  7. When assigning a new project, show an example of a completed project so that the students really know what you are looking for.
  8. Break down assignment and long reports into pieces with intermediate due dates so that you know everyone is ”on top” of the report and not letting it go until the night before it is due.
  9. Teach note-taking skills with graphic organizers, giving daily practice so it becomes second nature to your students.
  10. Teach and give students daily practice with assignment notebooks or organizers.

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

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