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Dyslexia Program Helps Students with Learning Reading

November 11th, 2014

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET has put together over 40 years of experience as a learning disability, dyslexia, and ADHD  specialist and designed a reading, writing, and study skills dyslexia program that you as parents can use with your kids to improve their skills. She teaches you every step of the way via video lessons. She also provides you with the books you’ll need to implement the program. The program was designed specifically with kids that struggle with learning reading. Some of the students successfully using the program have an identified learning disability or dyslexia, others are ‘falling through the cracks’ so to speak. Learning reading has always been a bit of a struggle. Others want to get a boost up.

Bonnie not only believes, but has seen all students improve their skills. You’ll typically see some improvement within 3 days of starting the program and other improvement within 3 weeks.


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Who is the ASW Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Dyslexia Program for?

Bonnie has always taught students from kindergarten through adults. As a result, every Awaken the Scholar Within Program that she has designed is for multiple ages and abilities. This program is for moms and dads or grandparents that want to help their 1st graders through high school kids. It is also for adults wanting to improve their own skills. In fact, many of those that have already worked the program (about 50%) are adults doing the program for themselves.

(1st – adults)

What parents say about the dyslexia program…

dyslexia programs, learning disabilities   “My son was repeating first grade. By chance I ran across Bonnie’s website and read about the  Awaken the Scholar Within Reading & Writing Program. I called Bonnie and we must have talked for at least 30 minutes. I signed up immediately. Within weeks Caleb was making progress. I’m so glad I found this dyslexia program!

Karry P, Parent, CT

Go here to read more about the Awaken the Scholar Within Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program.

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