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Struggling with Learning Reading Skills?

September 21st, 2010

Struggling With Learning Reading Skills?

Many times when your child struggles they are actually working three, four, five times harder than their classmates. Your child gets frustrated and the homework battles start because the homework becomes overwhelming. When your child struggles with reading skills or your evenings become filled with ‘homework battles’ it is typically due to a reason and the reason typically isn’t that your child is lazy!


There are actually 3 Roadblocks to Learning Reading.

Whether your child has dyslexia, has an identified learning disability, is falling through the cracks at school or is even gifted… understanding what is interfering with their reading skills makes the difference in reading success or reading failure.

1.  Learning Reading: Phonics Related Problem

The first roadblock to reading success is with phonics related. Phonics reading problems are when a child ‘jumbles’ or mispronounces the words as they are trying to decode(the ability to sound out printed words) or encode (the ability to put letters to the sounds that make up a word). You have no idea what the word is that they are trying to read until you look at it yourself. It is almost painful listening to your child read because they are struggling so much.

2.  Learning Reading: Fluency/Visual Tracking Problem

The second reading roadblock to reading success is where it takes your child what seems like forever to read the sentence or they have skipped, omitted, or repeated words when reading. They may even re-read the whole selection and still not get meaning from it because they have missed bits and pieces of what they have read.

3.  Learning Reading: Lack of Language or Vocabulary Problem
This prevents comprehension or being able to understand what you read. Many children don’t have a large base of language or vocabulary.  This happens often due to poor visual memory or auditory memory skills. This makes reading comprehension difficult.

There are solutions to each of these roadblocks to learning reading skills.

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