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Sloppy Handwriting? Quick Teaching Handwriting Tip

March 4th, 2010

I have had several questions regarding teaching handwriting or penmanship. There are several things you can do to help your child with sloppy handwriting. One of the most basic tips for teaching good handwriting or penmanship is to hold the pencil correctly.

I never imagined all the different ways kids could and do hold their pencils until I started seeing how they actually held them. I know when I was learning to write we actually had handwriting as a subject and my teacher put great emphasis on correctly holding the pencil.

Some kids have more trouble than others with handwriting. Doing any kind of fine-motor work will actually help since handwriting is a fine-motor skill. But one of the critical things to promote good handwriting is to actually teach our kids how to hold their pen or pencil correctly. This will help them to write their letters with greater ease.

Watch the video for how to hold a pencil and to see what I consider one of the best aids in doing that. You can get pencil grips to help teach your kids how to properly hold their pencils here.

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