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Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Symptoms

April 21st, 2015

Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Symptoms are Varied

Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia, are broad terms that cover a wide variety of problems with many possible causes, symptoms, treatments, and outcomes.

There are a lot of areas to look at for each of those, so it can be difficult to diagnose the specific causes. However, the National Institute of Health states that learning disabilities and dyslexia can be divided into three broad categories.

  •  Developmental speech and language disorders
  • Academic skills disorders
  • “Other” – a catchall that includes certain coordination disorders and learning handicaps not covered by other terms.
learning disabilities awareness month, dyslexia symptoms

General Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Symptoms

Does your child/student:

  • Take too long to do their assigned work?
  • Skip, repeat, or mispronounce words when reading aloud?
  • Have difficulty sounding out words?
  • Have poor reading comprehension?
  • Have poor listening comprehension?
  • Have difficulty following instructions?
  • Have difficulty taking notes?
  • Have sloppy handwriting?
  • Have trouble finding specific words or items on a page?
  • Reverse letters and/or words such as “b’s and d’s” or “was and saw”?
  • Have difficulty with fill-in-the-blank answers such as completing words or sentences?
  • Have difficulty identifying and verbalizing concepts?
  • Have trouble producing grammatically correct language?

Experts are looking for clusters of problems, so one or two symptoms doesn’t mean you have a learning disability or dyslexia. In other words, having reversal difficulties alone does not indicate that you have dyslexia or a learning disability. If you said yes to five or more of these questions, you will want to investigate further. Take our learning quiz here for more information.

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