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Improve Reading Comprehension Skills with Color Coding

October 20th, 2015

Reading comprehension skills are the skills one needs to use what they have learned. It is the act of understanding, grasping, and interpreting what you have learned. The act of doing something with the information you have learned is when you have gained true knowledge. You are able to retain the information when you have done something with it.

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Reading Comprehension Can Improve!

What would it be like to really comprehend what you read? You’d love reading so much you might even read under the covers because you’ve been transported to a different place and time. That is one of the things reading does for me. I travel the world while I read.

The same thing happens for me when I read a text book. Let’s take social studies for example. I can be on board the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas or be like a fly on the wall during the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia.

So, how does one have the ability to do that?

All of these comprehension skills are learned skills.  They can improve!

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7 Steps to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

  1. Understand how text books are written

  2. Improve your vocabulary and language skills

  3. Take notes while you read or listen to a lecture

  4. Color code your notes

  5. Write summaries of your notes

  6. Play the Comprehension Zone Game to practice identifying the main idea and details and sequence what you read.

  7. Visualize what you read

View the note taking color coding video here.

Improve Comprehension Skills with Color Coding and Graphic Organizers

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