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Family Activities for Spring Break

March 31st, 2015

Spring Break is the perfect time for family activities. The weather is typically getting a bit warmer now so you can get outdoors as a family. I recall many family trips during spring break. Often we’d go to museums or on hikes. This was also the beginning of planning camping weekends. Our family would often camp one weekend a month from May to September, so this is when we’d talk about where we’d like to go.

One of the best parts of spring break was the break away from ‘all things school.’ Little did I know then that I was learning just the same. Trips to the Art Institute, the Museum of Science and Industry, or the Natural History Museum were often on our schedule.

Of course game playing was also a big part of spring break as well as the extra time to read pleasure books.

So, my gift to you is a short list of family activities…excerpts from The BT Family Activity Book. Get more of the over 80 activities here.

  1. Family Activities: Finding Sounds

Do this activity in your yard or out in nature. In fact, you might do it both places and compare the differences.

With your eyes closed for a few minutes, sit or stand as quietly as possible and listen to the sounds around you.

Can you hear the wind? The rustling leaves of the tree? Any birds or bugs?

How many different sounds do you hear? Make a list of them.

Can you imitate any of the sounds you hear?

  1. Family Activities: Notice Your Surroundings

Go to an outdoor spot in the morning, in the afternoon,

and in the evening. Notice everything you can about the

surroundings. What is the same, what has changed?

Make a list each time and compare them.

Family Activities: Field Trips

  1. The local zoo
  2. A pet store
  3. The local park/playground & picnic
  4. The pool
  5. The river

And, afterwards talk and write about what you liked best or least about the trip!

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Get your complimentary BT Family Activity Book here.

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