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CNN Survey on ADHD Just Released

July 20th, 2010

The CNN Survey concludes that at some point most parents turn to medication as a treatment to deal with their child’s ADHD. The second most effective treatment parents have used is to make a switch in schools – to a school that is better equipped to work with children with attention deficit disorder.

When I speak to parents about attention deficit disorder I always try to be sure they are in the know on what they can do as well as what some of the best ways to advocate for their child in the school system. Many teachers are not equipped to deal with attention deficit disorder and don’t want to deal with it. However, I don’t know that there is a classroom in the US, or worldwide for that matter that doesn’t have at least one ADHD student in the class. (Approximately 9-10% of the population has ADHD).

So, in my opinion what is key is for parents to build a strong working relationship with their child’s teacher to help them help their child navigate through their education while learning to deal with their ADHD. There are many behavioral ways of dealing with attention deficit disorder that can be easily implemented in the classroom. Additionally, medication is sometimes warranted, but I always say, exhaust every other possibility first. Then if you still need to go the medication route, do it. If your child needed eye glasses you would not ‘blink an eye’ over the decision, you would get them glasses. If your child needed a hearing aid, again, you would do it. If your child does need medication to be able to function in a classroom because every avenue has been pursued and they still can’t focus, do it.

But, medication is only one piece of the puzzle. Even with medication, behavioral interventions often still need to be in place and followed through on. So educating your child’s teacher is often imperative in helping them have a good school year. When you create a good working relationship with your child’s teacher you will have greater success in helping them understand what they need to know and do to help your child.

Here is a link to the CNN survey

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