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Bonnie Terry Named International Go To Pro for Special Needs

March 17th, 2015
Bonnie Terry

Auburn Educational Therapist has been appointed International “Go-To” Pro

Auburn, Calif., March 2015 has announced Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET as their International “Go-To” Pro. realizes that the nation’s report card needs to improve. After an extensive search, they have named Bonnie Terry of their “Go-To” Pro. Using her custom-designed “Awaken the Scholar Within Programs”, Terry has a record of realizing three years’ grade-level advancement in reading, writing and math gains for her students in just one year.

Students and researchers alike celebrate the gains. Parents, as well as teachers, now have an International “Go-To” Pro at to get advice on helping their special needs students whether they have dyslexia, ADHD, Aspergers, physical handicaps, developmentally delayed, or are in the Autism Spectrum.

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Special Needs Parents and Educators Say…

“My son turned his school performance around so much that he was moved from the lowest groups to the middle groups and then to the highest groups. It was amazing. He was so excited, because work that he had previously struggled with became easy,” says parent Karen Macy.

“Terry’s Awaken the Scholar Within Programs are designed to help the student feel successful, be successful and develop the remediation process that they need, all in the context of having fun,” states Dr. Nancy Richards, who specializes in methods of teaching and learning.

“We love your program, because we have five solid years of data supporting your work,” says author of School Moves for Learning, Debra Wilson.

Three Year Grade-Level Gains in One Year

Terry’s programs from demonstrate three-year grade level advancement in reading, writing, and math in just one year. Her diagnostic neuro-developmental behaviorally-based assessment is remarkably comprehensive. It allows her to get to the root cause of learning problems. Nine visual, nine auditory, and nine kinesthetic areas are evaluated, with Terry then able to determine the specific areas in which one could be struggling, as well as precisely what to do about it.

“When your student is struggling, we already know they aren’t reading, writing, or doing math at grade level. The key to improving skills is to determine why the problem exists,” states Terry. “For example, ninety-five percent of reading problems are related to visual processing problems, which are not tested for in most schools. There are specific activities and exercises you can do to improve areas that are problematic.”

Terry, a 40-year Learning Disability Specialist and Board Certified Educational Therapist, uses a three-pronged integrative approach to help students improve reading scores in just 20 minutes a day. She shares these helpful steps with parents:

Three Activities Parents Can Use to Improve Reading Scores in 20 Minutes a Day:

  1. Fluency training (reading accurately from left to right) for just 5 minutes each day will improve the foundational reading skills every child needs to read not only at grade level but above. Nix the flash cards, silent reading, and reading lists of words.

“Kids read across – from left to right – not down, and need to master the art of eye tracking, just like a skilled athlete uses better eye-tracking skills to catch, throw and hit the ball,” Terry says.

  1. Listen, learn and do. Kids have not actually learned something until they can act on it. In Terry’s Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills book available at, she shows kids how to take notes on what they read, turn those notes into paragraphs, and then combine paragraphs into essays.

“If we ultimately want to teach our kids to be good thinkers, we have to show them how to take action with what they are learning,” says Terry. “Writing is the doing part of thinking.”

  1. Play games and have fun. Games establish an emotional connection with reading and writing, because they help you find the main idea, details, how to write good sentences and improve your vocabulary.

Terry’s developed her own games the Sentence Zone, the Comprehension Zone, and the Math Zone, based on years of scientific research showing that kids learn better when color is used, and when they also have fun while they play and learn.

Special Needs International “Go-To” Pro Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET has worked with every age and every type of disability in the past 40 years. She has experience with students from preschool through adults challenged with ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism, physical handicaps, developmental disabilities, deafness, and blindness. Her programs include reading, writing, spelling, study skills, and math.

You may contact Terry via telephone at 530.888.7160

Media Contact:

Merry Potter, Publisher

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET


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