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Back to School Tips for Dyslexia

August 6th, 2015

Back to School Time is Here

The summer is winding down. Your stomach is churning. You know how difficult last year was for your child. You know they had a hard time. You are so hoping for a better year this year. Is it even possible?

Yes, with neuro-science we know that this year can be different. We know that we make new neural connections each and every day of our lives. The trick is to make more and stronger connections so that learning can become easier, because it really can.

Back to School Special - Dyslexia Program

Step One: Back to School Tips

One way to make learning easier is to let your child know that you do remember how difficult school was last year, and you know that it can become easier. This is a new year and you want to help them have a really great year. Sit down with your child before school starts and make a plan. Ask them for their suggestions. What do they think you might do in order to have a great year? What do they think they can do in order to have a better year?

Step Two: Back to School Tips

Meet your child’s new teacher. You can often meet them in their classroom a day or two before school starts…the teacher is often in their classroom getting things organized a few days before school starts. Otherwise make a point of meeting them at the end of the school day during the second week of school. This is NOT the time for a huge conference. It is the time for a 5 minute meet and greet your child’s teacher so they can put a face to you and your child. Then let them know how you are looking forward to a great year with them. You may mention that they did have some trouble in the past so to please keep you apprised of how they are doing. And then ask them if you can be of any assistance or support.

Back to School Support for Dyslexia

Additionally, get some tools or support that really can make a difference for those with dyslexia.

Dyslexia means reading difficulty. That being said, those with dyslexia typically have difficulty with phonics, reading fluency, spelling, comprehension, trouble with penmanship, directionality and sequencing problems.

When you use neuro-science and address the underlying root cause of learning problems, learning spelling, reading, writing, and study skills can become so much easier. When you use specific methods that incorporate what neuro-science has taught us about how we learn and address the areas of perception that impact learning, learning does become easier. Our Awaken the Scholar Within Programs are specifically designed to do just that. They teach you step-by-step how to help your child improve their skills. See research here.

Back to School Sale

Take advantage of the 20% off between Aug 4th and Aug 18th Awaken the Scholar Within Programs that teach you through video and audio lessons just how to make learning easier for your child or even yourself.

These programs are designed by board certified educational therapist and learning disabilities specialist Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET with over 40 years of research and experience. They are currently 20% off as a Back to School Special for you.

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