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5 Steps to School Success

September 4th, 2015

5 Steps to School Success… What you can do to set your child up for school success even if you have ADHD, dyslexia, or learning challenges

Free Webinar…September 8th
On the LIVE Training attendees learned how to do just that. You will learn specific activities you can do daily, or bi-weekly that will make a dramatic difference in your child’s school success. You will also learn:

1. What the most severe learning disadvantage is…and it’s not dyslexia or ADHD!
2. How we learn
3. Why learning is difficult for some kids
4. How to increase processing speed
5. How to improve comprehension skills
6. How to improve writing skills
Those that register will get 3 bonuses including the ebook:


Best Back to School Tips and Resources – Bonnie Terry Learning


A Replay will be available!
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Dyslexia? Learning Challenges? Can You Have School Success?

Statistics show that 20% of school children have dyslexia or a learning challenge.

Those with dyslexia or learning challenges typically have:

  • 1. Difficulty with phonological processing (the manipulation of sounds – both encoding and decoding words)
  • 2. Difficulty with spelling
  • 3. Difficulty with processing speed – rapid visual-verbal responding
  • 4. Difficulty with reading comprehension

They may also have difficulty with writing. Find out in this webinar what you can do to make learning easier for your child. Find out what you can do so your child has school success.

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