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4th of July Family Activities Improve Learning Skills

July 2nd, 2017

Family activities abound over the 4th of July. This is the perfect time for a family activity such as a picnic or BBQ. And while you’re at it, do some relay races, an obstacle course, or water balloon toss. Relay races and obstacle courses actually improve several areas of learning including auditory memory, visual memory, laterality, and directionality.

Family Activities Improve Learning Skills: Relay Races Improve Areas of Perception

Family Activities: Relay Races Improve Learning Skills

  • Ball Between the Legs Race
  • Egg on a Spoon Race
  • Blowing up a Balloon Race
  • 3-legged Race
  • Sack Race

Be sure to take pictures too!

Fireworks Family Activities Improve Learning Skills

Go to the fireworks and while you are watching them, be extra observant. Count how may blue, green, red, white, and multi-colored fireworks there are. You can even make a chart for this. Decide which colors were your favorite ones. Was there a style that you liked better than another? This will help you with your observation skills.

You can also look at the different kinds of people that come to view the fireworks. How many little children? How many do you think were school-age? How many teens? How many adults? How many people were dressed in red, white, and blue?

Do the Stretch and Improve Learning Skills with Your 4th of July Family Activities

Afterwards, on July 5th, put the pictures together with a quick summary of your day using graphic organizers on pages 14 or 31 from Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills. Then, 3 whole punch your summary and keep it in a family notebook. At the end of the summer, you’ll have a great family memory book as well!

Monthly Family Activities

Then, once a month or so, go on a family outing. Take pictures or draw pictures of your day. Place them with a few sentences about the activity into your family memory book. Then, go through the family memory book and talk about the great times you had. Doing this will improve writing skills and both auditory and visual memory skills as well as 15 other areas of learning too!


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4th of July Family Activities: Improve Learning Skills

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