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Improve Writing Skills with English Grammar Game: The Sentence Zone

March 14th, 2011 2016-10-30T05:19:44-07:00 2011-03-14T16:46:53-07:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry
Improve Writing Skills and English Grammar by Improving Sentence Writing For this activity, your children will understand how to improve their sentences, and they actually have fun doing it. The activity is one of expanded sentences. Bonnie walks you step-by-step how to start with a basic sentence and then expand it, one word at a [...]

Poetry Writing Through the Colors: The Sentence Zone

February 9th, 2010 2018-10-22T23:25:07-07:00 2010-02-09T17:54:37-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry

Our kids often get assignments where they have to write a poem, and they often struggle with it. Poetry writing is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have LD, dyslexia, or ADHD. Even gifted kids can struggle with poetry writing. It doesn’t matter if you are homeschooling or in a public […]

SAT Prep with Grammar Game The Sentence Zone

January 30th, 2010 2016-10-30T06:26:57-07:00 2010-01-30T17:37:56-08:00 Bonnie Terry Bonnie Terry Learning Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry
Many of you already know that I created The Sentence Zone a number of years ago to help my students with sentence writing as well as grammar. I play it with my younger students to help them write interesting sentences instead of the 3 to 4-word sentences they usually write. I play it with my [...]

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