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Spelling and Phonics Program

Spelling and Phonics Program

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Learn to Spell with Spelling Patterns

“We enrolled in the Spelling and Phonics Program because my son couldn’t spell even simple words. Lo and behold, he can spell them and a lot more now. He ‘gets’ how we put letters together to make words. And, thankfully, he doesn’t have to memorize 30 spelling rules! The video and audio lessons are like have a private tutor in our home.

Wendy R., AZ

I got the Spelling and Phonics program for myself. Spelling has always been hard for me. I’ve tried many different spelling programs over the years. This one worked. Spelling is much easier now. I no longer make the spelling mistakes I have been ‘famous’ for.  What a difference this has made in my life. I actually understand spelling. Thanks, Bonnie!”

Cliff W., Toronto


  • 25 Week Program
  • 50 Audio and Video Lessons
  • 2 Digital Books
  • 1st Grade – Adult

This Program Covers

  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • Kinesthetic Processing
  • Spelling
  • Phonics

Learn the secret to learning spelling and phonics

As a parent, you love to see your child succeed. You feel their pain and often lose sleep worrying when they struggle. You know that spelling is important and that the inability to spell can hold your child back in learning. Spelling is often especially difficult for those with dyslexia, auditory processing problems, or learning disabilities.

Most of the time, spelling is taught by sheer memorization of spelling words and spelling rules. For me, I can’t remember how to spell every word in the English language. Memorizing and using 29 spelling rules can be difficult. But, I discovered that we only put letters together 8 different ways to make words. When you learn the 8 spelling patterns, spelling becomes incredibly easier.

ASW Spelling Program Provides More than Spelling Help…

Problems with learning spelling are typically caused by one or more areas of perception that impact learning. In this ASW Program, you address those areas of visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic perception. You will learn the skills you are missing in 20 minutes a day with simple activities.

Spelling and Phonics Program

Lesson Overview

Spelling and Phonics Program

Section 1 Weeks 1-5

Short Vowel Words: Vowel Consonant Pattern

  • Intro Lesson
  • ‘th’ Sound
  • Suffix ‘ed’
  • Application Lesson
  • ‘wh’ Sound
  • ‘ch’ and ‘ck’ Sounds
  • Contractions
  • Words Ending in ‘s’, ‘f’, and ‘l’
  • More Contractions and More Words Ending in ‘s’, ‘f’, and ‘l’
  • ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ Words
  • 2 Syllable Words
Section 2 Weeks 6-8

Long Vowel Words: Vowel Consonant Silent ‘e’

  • Pattern Intro
  • ‘ke’ vs ‘ck’ Words, Soft ‘c’ and ‘g’ Words
  • More Soft ‘c’ and ‘g’ Words
  • Why the ‘u’ Always Follows the Letter ‘q’
Section 2 Week 9

Long Vowel Words: Sight Words

  • Why We Never End a Word with the Letter ‘v’
  • Sight Words Continued
Section 3 Week 10

Vowel Vowel Pattern

  • ‘ee’, ‘ea’, ‘ei’, ‘eo’
  • ‘oa’ and 3 Sounds of the ‘oo’
  • ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ Words
Section 4 Weeks 11-14

Long Vowel Vowel Pattern

  • ‘ea’ and ‘r’ Combinations
  • ‘ea’ with short ‘e’ Sound
  • ‘ea’ with ‘ur’ Sound, ‘au’ Sound
  • ‘ou’ Part 1 and ‘how’ Sound
  • ‘w’ Pattern with ‘ou’ Sounds
  • ‘w’ Pattern, ‘of’ and ‘oy’ Sounds
  • ‘w’ Pattern, ‘ie’: Long ‘e’ Sound and Long ‘i’ Sound
Section 5 Weeks 15-17

‘R’ Controlled Words: V + R Pattern

  • ‘ar’
  • ‘ir’ and ‘ur’
  • ‘or’
  • ‘er’
  • ‘er’ 2 Syllable, ‘ei’ and ‘ai’ Pattern
  • ‘er’ 3 Syllable Words
  • Bonus Brain Efficiency Exercises
  • Application Lesson
Section 6 Week 18

‘W’ Controlled Words: V + W Pattern

  • ‘aw’
  • ‘ow’
Section 7 Week 19

‘NG’ Controlled Words: V + NG Pattern

  • Vowel + NG Pattern
  • Vowel + NG Pattern Continued
Section 8 Week 20

Vowel + ‘L’ pattern

  • ‘al’ and Application Lesson
  • ‘el’ and ‘il’
  • ‘ol’, Consonant and ‘le’ Pattern (‘ple’ and ‘ble’)
Section 9 Weeks 21-23

Vowel Accent Pattern

  • 1 Syllable (Open Syllables)
  • 2 Syllables (Words with Open Syllables)
  • More Words with Open Syllables
  • 2 Syllable Words Continued
  • Multi-syllable Words
  • Multi-syllable Words Continued
Section 10 Week 24

Special Letters

  • The Soft ‘c’: Borrows the ‘s’ Sound
  • ‘c’ and ‘g’: AKA, The Borrowers
Section 11 Week 25

Silent Letters

  • ‘ck’, ‘kn’, ‘wr’, the Rule for ‘a’
  • ‘gh’, ‘gh’ as ‘f’, ‘ph’ as ‘f’, ‘tion’
Bonus Lesson
  • More Advanced Words

Show All Lessons

In this video Bonnie explains how we put letters together to make words. There are 8 spelling patterns.

In the ASW Spelling and Phonics course there are over 100 video or audio lessons. Bonnie walks you through each lesson, teaching you step-by-step each lesson. Watch a parent doing one of the lessons with her children here.

What parents say about the spelling help and phonics program…

“My son can actually spell better than his dad now!” Ann B

“Your lessons are fantastic! I listen and write it. It’s really good. Spelling is making sense to me now! Thank you so-o-o much!” Cliff W

“Thanks so much for making it so easy for my daughter to spell!” Tricia M

“I never knew spelling could be so easy! The audio and video lessons make it so easy. I’m so glad I did this!” Bill E

“Both my reading speed and spelling have improved! Thank you so much! So glad I did this for myself” Harry M

ASW Spelling and Phonics Program provides short daily lessons:


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