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Understanding LD

Here are your two bonus books:

Understanding LD & Dyslexia and the BT Family Activity Book

It’s my way of saying thank you to your commitment to your child or to yourself. You really can make a difference!

Understanding LD & Dyslexia

Bonus 1

Here is the Understanding_LD_&_Dyslexia book.

Family Activity Book Cover Small

Bonus 2

Here is the The_BT_Family_Activity_Book – have fun picking out activities to do with your family.


Writing is the Doing Part of Thinking — so write a quick summary after you do the activity  & keep it as a family journal. You can use the summaries for additional reading material for your kids. It will help them build memory skills – both auditory & visual memory skills as well as vocabulary and auditory language classification, auditory language association, visual language classification, and visual language association. (Use the graphic organizer forms in Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills to make this really easy!)

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