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TV Interviews with Bonnie Terry

TV interviews with Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET Making Learning Easy: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Homework, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and more…

Keeping Kids Motivated During the Holidays

Most kids look forward to the holidays, not because of the presents, but because it means a break from school. Bethany Crouch sits down with Educational Therapist Bonnie Terry who has some affordable activities to keep your kids’ minds active and engaged this season.
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Learning Disabilities Awareness

October is learning disabilities awareness month. Bethany Crouch sits down with Educational Therapist Bonnie Terry to answer viewer’s questions.

Educational Therapist Bonnie Terry Shows How to Beat the Brain Drain

Watch educational therapist Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET demonstrate with two children an activity that is inexpensive to do and improves 22 learning areas of the brain.

Screen Free Turn Off TV Week with Educational Therapist Bonnie Terry

Alternatives to Screen Time During Screen-Free Week or Turn Off TV Week : Several family activities improve memory skills, perception skills, and comprehension skills while being screen-free.

Bonnie Terry: Best Homework Help Websites and Homework Resources

Bonnie Terry shares the best homework help sites for math, science, and history plus a few of her favorite homework help resources.

Homework Help: It’s Time to Win the Homework Wars

The school year is well established, in fact it is half over, how can parents make the most of the rest of the school year and give their child the homework help they need? Watch and find out!!!

Break Time or Learning Time? Fun Holiday Family Activities for Kids

Is it best to let my children take the whole holiday season off from learning? Bonnie Terry, America’s Leading Learning Specialist is on FOX Morning News sharing her insights and activities with you.

Bonnie Terry, America’s Leading Learning Specialist is on FOX Morning News again, this time talking about attention deficit disorder often referred to as ADHD.

Tips for Parents at Parent Teacher Conferences

Getting the most out of parent teacher conferences with Board Certified Educational Therapist Bonnie Terry. She talks about how parents should prepare for parent teacher conferences to get the most out of the conference. When you prepare as a parent for parent teacher conferences you help set your child up for a better school year. Taking the time to prepare lets your child’s teacher know that you are an aware parent that is caring and concerned about your child whether they are doing great and making all A’s or if they are struggling. There are some specific things you can do to create a partnership feeling with the teacher so that your child has a terrific school year.

Does My Child Have a Learning Disability or Learning Problem?

Bonnie Terry, recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist, explains the difference between a learning problem and a learning disability and then gives you several steps you can take to help your child improve their skills in just minutes a day on the FOX News Morning Show.

(There is more information on learning and how to improve learning skills below the video.)

Back to School Tips with Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

Bonnie Terry, America’s Leading Learning Specialist, shares some of her favorite back to school tips on FOX News Morning Show.

Watch here for 3 of Bonnie Terry’s Back to School Tips:

1. Backpack Organization
2. Time Management
3. Secret Tools to Help with Homework: the dreaded word problems and writing assignments

(More tips under the video!)

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