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Trouble Learning Spelling? Raise Spelling Scores Easily

Problems with Learning Spelling?

Raise Spelling Scores Today

Learning Spelling

  • Address the root cause of spelling problems
  • Raise spelling scores easily
  • Write spelling words correctly in your assignments
  • Correct spelling problems forever with proven brain-based technique

The Spelling Solution:

Making Spelling Sense (Print Book) and Making Spelling Sense II (Digital Book)

Your child will:

  • Cut spelling test study time in half
  • Get better spelling test grades
  • Apply what you learn to thousands of words

Learning Spelling:

  • Is closely related to phonics
  • Improves word attack skills of encoding and decoding
  • Has a direct connection between spelling, phonics, decoding, and encoding.

What Parents Say:

“My son knows the spelling patterns. It was so easy for him to learn the 8 ways we put letters together to make words. He spells very well now. I’m very impressed with the strides he’s made in spelling.” Ann Barbeiro

“Thanks so much for making it so easy for my son to spell!”  Laree Moore

“If your student is having trouble with the spelling rules, focusing on the eight spelling patterns may be what they need to get them over the hurdle. It worked for us. My son’s spelling has really improved and he loves doing the spelling puzzles too.”  Heidi Prentice

Learning Spelling: Encoding and Decoding

When you are trying to spell a word you usually sound it out as you are spelling it and then check it over once you’ve written it down. That process is encoding. When you come upon a word you don’t know you usually try to sound it out. That is decoding. So working with words whether you are encoding or decoding them, you are actually working with learning spelling. When learning spelling (encoding and decoding) improves, reading improves.

Learning Spelling at Home

You know what it’s like, each week your child comes home from school and has to get ready for another spelling test. You quiz them on the words, because that is what your parents did when you were learning. You might even have your kids write their spelling words down a few times to help them remember them. And often they come home upset because they didn’t do well on the spelling test.

  • The Roadblocks
    Auditory and Visual Processing are critical to learning spelling
  • The Secret
    8 Spelling Patterns, and using Auditory, Visual, and Tactile methods for learning spelling .
  • The Solution
    A complete learning spelling method that solves spelling problems by teaching you the eight spelling patterns with audio, visual and tactile methods.

Solve Spelling Problems with Making
Spelling Sense and Making Spelling Sense 2

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