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Smarter-Squared Bonus Videos

Two Video Bonuses:

The first video shows you easy ways to improve your sentence writing skills.

The second video shows you easy steps to write a paragraph.

Watch this short video to improve paragraph writing.

Improve English Grammar and Improve Writing Skills
executive function skills, graphic organizers, reading comprehension
writing help

For more video lessons on improving your writing skills, check out our ASW Writing Course.

Improve Learning Skills

The 12-week Course includes The Sentence Zone Game, Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, and The Writer’s Easy Reference Guide as well as hours of step-by-step video instruction. You will learn how to improve your sentence writing skills, paragraph writing skills, and essay writing skills.


  • Descriptive Paragraph
  • Narrative/Sequential Paragraphs
  • Compare/Contrast Paragraph and Essay
  • Argumentative and Persuasive Paragraphs and Essays
  • Expository Essay
  • Essay Writing Patterns
  • New Ways to Think About Essay Writing

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