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School Strategies for ADHD Kids Available at Amazon on Kindle

School Strategies for ADHD Kids

ADHD Classroom & Teaching Strategies

School Strategies for ADHD Kids is filled with ADHD Classroom & Teaching Strategies. It is part of the Winning The ADHD Battle Series and is for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers that are looking for practical ways to help their ADHD kids do well in school. It is filled with techniques that have been used successfully in all grade levels.You will learn specific strategies that work with ADHD Kids: * Secrets to Decreasing Distractibility in the Classroom
* How to Get your ADHD Kids to Stop Interrupting the Class
* Simple Steps to Stopping the Continual ADHD Fidgeting and Hyperactivity
* Simple Steps to Get Your ADHD Kids to Follow Directions
* How to Get Your ADHD Kids to Complete Assignments

School Strategies for ADHD Kids
guides parents in strategizing with their child’s teacher to get the best out of the classroom learning experience. This book also helps guide parents, homeschoolers, teachers and professionals in more successful ways of handling their ADHD students.School Strategies for ADHD Kidsgives you solutions that can be implemented tomorrow to make learning more effective for ADHD kids.

Your ADHD Kids Can Become Great Students

Great students are able to focus and complete their assignments. They are able to organize their work. Great students follow directions. ADHD kids become great students when these specific strategies are put in place. Self esteem rises too!

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Who Is School Strategies for ADHD Kids Intended For?

This book is intended for teachers, parents, and professionals of ADHD kids. This book will help guide parents in strategizing with their child’s teacher to get the best out of the classroom learning experience. This book will also help guide teachers and professionals in more successful ways of handling their ADHD students.

ADHD Strategies:

  1. Over 25 easy strategies to make learning easier
  2. 9 ways to create a more productive classroom when you have ADHD students
  3. 16 classroom jobs so your attention deficit and hyperactive kids feel a part of the class
  4. Why have breaks throughout the day and what to do during the breaks
  5. Best parent contact practices that really improve the learning environment

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What Parents of ADHD Kids say…

“Your ADHD strategies help build my kids self-esteem up. Doing the activities in short segments has been such a help! Short quick activities with lots of 15 second to 30 second breaks, it works! You can get so much done in an hour. They read, take notes, learn English and math. One of the best parts is that I can use your strategies with all of my kids. Thank you so much!” – Regina Adams, homeschooling parent of ADHD kids

What Professionals of ADHD Kids say…

“Using Bonnie Terry’s ADHD techniques and strategies with all kids, even those with learning difficulties, can go a great way towards reducing lack of self-esteem. These strategies are educationally effective.” – Dr. Nancy Richards, Specialization in Methods of Teaching and Learning

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A Message From Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET …
I work with parents as well as teachers helping them make learning easier for their kids, especially those that have ADHD or other learning problems. This past year the questions regarding how to work effectively with ADHD kids in the classroom kept coming up. The teachers are frustrated. The parents are frustrated. This book is the outcome of that frustration.

School Strategies for ADHD Kids is for parents to know what can be done successfully in a classroom to make learning easier for their ADHD kids and for teachers to help them have tested strategies that really work regarding managing the classroom and teaching their kids that have ADHD.

This book is different from my other books. Those books are the methods for improving reading, spelling, writing, math, or study skills. They are curriculum based. This book relates to how do you manage your day so that learning is more effective in your classroom when you have kids that have attention deficits – whether they are inattentive or hyperactive.

There are specific things you can do to make learning easy for your attention deficit disorder kids, whether you are in a classroom, homeschooling, or it is homework time at home. School Strategies for ADHD Kids gives you specific strategies that you can implement tomorrow that really work! Only $2.99 … Order NOW!

About the Author

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, Board Certified Educational Therapist #10167, is known as America’s Leading Learning Specialist. She specializes in helping teachers and parents identify their students’ learning disabilities/learning difficulties – getting at the underlying root cause of the problems. As a board certified educational therapist and learning disabilities specialist, Bonnie has been teaching for well over 37 years and has been teaching parents and teachers how to make learning easy and fun for their students.A frequent guest on television and radio programs, Terry is the best-selling author of several books including Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills, Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, and Amazing Grades. She is also the author of the best-selling game The Sentence Zone and many other learning games and books. Terry is an educator, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist that has traveled the world speaking on learning, reading and writing. Bonnie is the mom of three kids; each had a learning challenge or two (auditory processing, visual processing, as well as ADHD). She was a Girl Scout Leader, Cub Scout Den Mother, & Boy Scout Troop Committee Chairman. She currently loves to Contra Dance as well as is an avid walker and reader.
Only $2.99 …

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